Start of the new year with a sour taste

First we wanted to thank you all for helping us grow and thus be able to provide you with more and more different sleeves. We are so grateful that we can work in such a great industry as this one. Board gamers are just such nice and great people. Hopefully we will be able to meet some of you on some conventions this year... or at least the next one.


So now the bad part of the news... our postal service (as I believe all services around the world) was hit badly by this Covid situation and they had to increase the prices for 2021:

- Some destinations got just small changes. Like EU area where they don't offer anymore the option to ship very small packages up to 100g. The new minimum order now is up to 250g. Even if they didn't change the price for the shipping, they pushed us to increase the minimum that we have to collect for shipping.

- Other destinations got hit by a bigger change. USA&Canada were previously in the same price range as EU. The new price change was very dramatic. As of the "Rest of the World" the price change is even bigger.


We are sorry that we had to increase the shipping. We hope this change will not be too problematic for you and that you will remain our regular buyers in the years to come.


As we liked to read your comments from the last post, we will try to be more active on our page. So right now we are brainstorming about our blogs that could be interesting for you as a reader not just as a buyer (solo playthroughs write ups, a short review of the latest game that we played,..). If you have any ideas that you would like that we try implement on our web page, you are welcome to share them here or write us an email.


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