TOSRB 88x127mm 50pcs Thick Board Games & Card Sleeves

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Item Description:
MTL Sleeves code: MTL288
Quantity: 50 card sleeves
Sleeves are suitable for cards of size: 88 X 127mm (cca. 3 15/32 X 5 inches)
Thickness: 90 microns (thick)

These sleeves fit:

- Campaign Trail,

- Deckscape, Dread Curse,

- Into the Forest,

- Kamigami Battles, Kittens in a Blender, Kodama: The Tree Spirits,

- Letter GO!, Lobotomy,

- Magic the Gathering: Archenemy and Commander (oversized cards), Monstrous,

- Of Dreams & Shadows, One Deck Dungeon,

- Relic Knights, Rum and Bones Character Sheets,

- Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War, The Big Book of Madness, The Red Dragon Inn, The Shadow Over Westminster, Tiny Epic Defenders, Tiny Epic Galaxies, Tiny Epic Kingdoms, Tiny Epic Mechs, Tiny Epic Quest, Tiny Epic Western, Tiny Epic Zombies

- Ultimate Werewolf Legacy, Unicornus Knights,

- Winner Winner Chicken Dinner,