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Best sleeves ever tested Fits better than most and has great durability. Not 1 had faults in around 1500 sleeves

Jon S.

Perfect fit. I really like the wide variety of sizes. It allows a consistent quality over all cards of big boardgames.
Shuffle feeling is nice. Just the right thickness.
I'll definitely buy more next time I need new sleeves.

Maxime B.

These sleeves are about the perfect thickness and easy to order and easy to ship. I'll be ordering these for a long time coming.

Ruben W.

For the price they are very good quality a would buy these again and probably will be in the near future.

Martin T.

Perfectly fit for Champions of Midgard; Reavers of Midgard and Run Fight or Die Reloaded
The cards are easy to shuffle they not stick to each other.

David K.

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