Contests Rules

Here are the general rules for all our contests (if some special rules apply for a specific contest, the rule will be mentioned in the contest):

  • The point of our contests is: "Guess the weight of the chosen game in grams". We will write down what OUR game box contains (general info like base box, sleeves, insert,...) and we will weight it and post a picture at the end of the contest. The person who's guess was the closest to the real weight will be the winner. In case of a tie, the gift certificate goes to the person that first posted the correct answer.
  • You can use the gift certificate only in MTL Sleeves online shop.
  • Everybody can participate on each contest once (one guess), but you can participate on each contest and you can win more than one contest per year.
  • To be eligible for a win, you need to subscribe to our emailing list and/or like our page/post about the contest on Facebook.
  • Behave. Any hate speech or similar behavior will get you removed from the contest. This one is here just because it has to be... I know that we board gamers are all good ppls :)