About us

We started this business because our board game collection was growing out of hand and we couldn't find a quality and affordable sleeve provider.

Our first shop was opened on eBay in 2011 and after 8 successful years (and looooots of positive reviews on eBay) it was time for the next big step. We decided to create our own shop for selling our products because this way we will be able to offer better prices and more personalized offers with bulk discounts. Our goal is to bring the sleeves to everybody at an affordable price with just a few mouse clicks.

As board gaming enthusiasts we know what is needed in the market and what members of the community are looking for. That's why we are expanding our catalog every year with new sized sleeves that we know are needed and that our customers are asking for. We might not be the biggest players in the market, but we are here to help our customers enjoy their hobby even more...to play games knowing that their cards are protected from wear and tear or just from clumsy people and greasy snacks :)

So don't hesitate to write us if you have any questions or if you are in need of a specific size of sleeves.

Our contact is: shop@mtlsleeves.com