Mindclash Games mentioned us :)

Mindclash Games mentioned us :)

We are a small company with a big love for Board Games.

We have a lot of happy (regular) buyers around the world and we are very proud of that. But we know that we are still just a speck of dust on the Board Game box that is our industry.

That's why we are very happy that a famous board game designing group such as Mindclash Games mentioned us in their Kickstarter Update for Trickerion - Dahlgaard's Academy and Collector's Edition.

If you are a fan of their games (as we are), you will be happy to know that we have sleeves that fit their every game:


Soft MTL159 and MTL145

Thick MTL259 and MTL245 

Cerebria - The Card Game

Soft MTL159

Thick MTL259

Cerebria - The Inside World

Soft MTL145

Thick MTL270 and MTL245 

Trickerion: Legends of Illusion

Soft MTL159 and MTL145 and MTL171

Thick MTL259 and MTL245