New prices and new discounts!

Hello to all our regular and new buyers!

We had time to test our page almost one year now and we found some things that work great and others that don't really perform as planned. So we have to apply some changes that will be a bitter pill to swallow but also some great sweet candy for everyone :)

Lets start with the bitter news:

We found out that the small orders of 1-2 packages were not generating the additional traffic that we had hoped for. Our price for small orders was very low as we were convinced that this was good to attract new buyers that would come back with bigger orders.. but most of the time, as the price was very low, we just sent more of 1-2 packs of sleeves regularly that sometimes even ended us costing money.

The only possible move from us was to slightly increase the cost of the sleeves and the starting shipping cost.

New shipping cost is now:

- economy shipping: 2 EUR for ALL orders (no matter the size and weight) 

- tracked shipping: 6 EUR for ALL orders (no matter the size and weight)

(updated from 5 EUR on 31.5.2020)


Now to the SWEET SWEET news:

We are very happy with our customers and with the good reviews that we are getting from all of you. We want to keep providing great sleeves for a great price to you all. So we implemented an automatic discount system:

- orders over 10 eur will get an automatic 5% discount

- orders over 20 eur will get an automatic 10% discount

- orders over 50 eur will get an automatic 14% discount

- orders over 100 eur will get an automatic 16% discount

- orders over 150 eur will get an automatic 18% discount

 (updated on 4.10.2020)

p.s. we know that every change brings stress and problems, so if there are any issues or errors that you encounter, don't hesitate to contact us.

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