New size of sleeves (63x63mm) out of nowhere!!

New size of sleeves (63x63mm) out of nowhere!!

New sleeves for cards 63x63mm

We added a limited run of new sleeves for games with card size 63x63mm to the catalog starting from today! There will be only 100 packs available for now to test the market.. more will follow next year if enough interest is shown.

Games that use these sleeves are:

Pendulum (province cards), Codenames: Disney Family edition (codewords and key cards), On Mars (earth contract and scientist cards), and others...

Sleeves are sold in packs of 50 THICK sleeves variant only. Currently they are without papers because we managed to produce the sleeves before we got the new graphic design. It is our belief that players would love to have these sleeves right away..even without papers :)


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