Re-stock is here!!! and some new sleeves as well

Re-stock just arrived. We have the following sleeves back on stock:

USA&TUSA sleeves 56x87mm SOFT and THICK

TSWH sleeves 55x75mm THICK

TS55 Sleeves 55x55mm THICK

TBAN Sleeves 70x100 THICK toploader

BLC Sleeves 70x110 SOFT


And the new size available for a loooot of games:

MED Sleeves 43x67mm SOFT



  • Moshe

    Do the 43mmx65mm thick sleeves fit the small cards in Everdell?

  • Edna Klinger

    Can you make the following size sleeves: 101.5 × 153, 170x 46, 160x 71

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