TMUS 41x63 mm 50pcs Thick Board Games & Card Sleeves

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Item Description:
MTL Sleeves code: MTL241
Quantity: 50 card sleeves
Sleeves are suitable for cards of size: 41 X 63 mm (cca. 1 39/64 X 2 31/64 inches)
Thickness: 90 microns (thick)

These sleeves fit:

- 18CZ,

- Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein, Abyss, Aeon Trespass: Odyssey, An Infamous Traffic, Android: Infiltration, Arcadia Quest (items, rewards and curses cards), Arkham Horror (2nd ed.), Arkham Horror (3rd ed.),

- Bargain Quest, Battlestar Galactica, Blood Bowl: Team Manager The Card Game, Blood Rage, But Wait, There's More!,

- Castle Dukes, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Cave Troll, Chainsaw Warrior, Champions of Midgard, Chronicle X, Civilization, Conan, Continental Express, Cosmic Run: Regeneration, Council of 4 (CMON ed.),

- Dead of Winter: A Crossroad Game, Descent: Journeys in the Dark (2nd ed.), Dogs of Wars, Dojo Kun (2017), DOOM: The Board Game, Dungeon!, Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom, DungeonQuest Revised Ed.,

- Elder Sign, Eldritch Horror, Ether Wars, Evil High Priest, Excavation Earth, Experiment,

- Fallout, Fallout Shelter: The Board Game, Fantastic Beasts: Perilous Pursuit, Fog of Love, For-Ex, Forestaurant, Forlorn: Hope, Funkoverse Strategy Game,

- Gears of War, Gen7: A Crossroads Game,

- Hellboy: The Board Game, Heroes of Terrinoth, Homeland: The Game, Horus Heresy (2010), High and Tight, Hotshots,

- I, Spy, Ikusa, Infiltration,

- Jenseits von Theben, Journey to the Center of the Earth,

- Khe Sanh '68, Kick-Ass: The Board Game, King's Pouch, Kolejka,

- Lawyer Up, Leaving Earth, London Dread, Lords of Hellas,

- Mad Science Foundation, Mansions of Madness, Marvel Champions: The Card Game, Massive Darkness, Metropolis,

- New Angeles, New Bedford, Nexus Ops,

- Oceans, Orcs Must Die!, Onimaru,

- Pharaon, Planet Apocalypse, Posthuman, Project: ELITE (2020),

- Raiatea, Relic, Robo Rally, Roll Camera! The Filmmaking Board Game, Run Fight or Die: Reloaded,

- SEAL Team Flix, Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce, Sid Meier's Civilization: A New Dawn, Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game, Skull Tales, Slap .45, Small Islands, Snow Tails, Somnicum, Space Cadets, Star Wars Armada, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Star Wars: Rebellion, Starcadia Quest(expansion only), Startropolis, Street Masters, Swordfish,

- Talisman, Tawantinsuyu: The Inca Empire, The Expanse Board Game, The Golden Wilderness, The Little Flower Shop, The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth, The Manhattan Project, The Others: 7 Sins, The Walking Dead, The Witcher Adventure Game, Trash-car, Trains and Stations, Trekking the National Parks: Second Edition, Twilight Imperium 3rd edition,- Unearth, Up Front,

- Unearth,

- Venture Forth,

- Warhammer 40k: Conquest, Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, Warrior Kings, Witches of the Revolution, World of Warcraft: The Boardgame,- XCOM: The Board Game,

- Zombicide, Zoo Break, etc.