TOSRB 88x127 mm 50pcs Thick Board Games & Card Sleeves

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Item Description:
MTL Sleeves code: MTL288
Quantity: 50 card sleeves
Sleeves are suitable for cards of size: 88 X 127mm (cca. 3 15/32 X 5 inches)
Thickness: 90 microns (thick)

These sleeves fit:

- Campaign Trail,Chronicle X,

- Deckscape, Dread Curse,

- Hostage Negotiator (expansion),

- Into the Forest,

- Kamigami Battles, Kittens in a Blender, Kodama: The Tree Spirits,

- Letter GO!, Lobotomy,

- Magic the Gathering: Archenemy and Commander (oversized cards), Maniacal, Marvel Heroes, Monstrous,

- Of Dreams & Shadows, One Deck Dungeon,

- Relic Knights, Robotech: Attack on the SDF-1, Rum and Bones Character Sheets, RWBY: Combat Ready,

- Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War, The Big Book of Madness, The Producer: 1940-1944, The Red Dragon Inn, The Shadow Over Westminster, Tiny Epic Defenders, Tiny Epic Galaxies, Tiny Epic Kingdoms, Tiny Epic Mechs, Tiny Epic Quest, Tiny Epic Western, Tiny Epic Zombies

- Ultimate Werewolf Legacy, Unicornus Knights,

- Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, Wizard Kittens,