TS70 70x70 mm 50pcs Thick Board Games & Card Sleeves

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Item Description:
MTL Sleeves code: MTLS270
Quantity: 50 card sleeves
Sleeves are suitable for cards of size: 70 X 70 mm (cca. 2 3/4 X 3 3/4 inches)
Thickness: 90 microns (thick)

These sleeves fit:

- Aeon Trespass: Odyssey, Age of War, Among the Stars, Arboria, Archipelago, Architectura,

- BATTALIA: The Creation,

- Campaign Trail, Card City, Carson City: The Card Game, Cat Box, Catan Card Game, Codenames, Compounded,

- Deck Building: The Deck Building Game, Diamant, Dominion of the Stars,

- Euphoria, Exposed,

- Fields of Green,

- Glastonbury,

- Ice Flow, ISS Vanguard,

- Kaiju Crush, Karuba: The Card Game, Keystone: North America, King of New York (expansion),

- Labyrinx, Leo, Limes,

- Mandala Stones, Masques, Monasterium, My Village,

- New Dawn,

- Onimaru,

- Patchistory, Pay Dirt, Power Grid: The Card Game, Power Grid: The First Sparks,

- Reichbusters: Projekt Vril, Rivals of Catan,

- Sandcastles, Skyliners, Space Battle Lunchtime Card Game,

- TEAM3 PINK, The Brigade, Time Management: The Time Management Game, Tiny Epic Mechs,

- Vadoran Gardens, Valdora, Viceroy, Vindication,

- Woof Meow Biscuits, etc.